Lone Bellow (and sleep-shopping is underrated)

Sometime last week I looked into my ‘Recently Purchased’ folder on iTunes, to find an album I had never heard of and didn’t remember buying (…another sleep-shopping incident?):  The Lone Bellow debut, self-titled album:

Lone Bellow

I’m sure one of you lovelies recommended this band to me, but I don’t remember who.  Whoever you are – thank you.  Over the past week, it has become my favorite album of the summer.  It’s just the right mix of folk revival, country and soul. Bliss. Lead vocalist sounds a tad like Glen Hansard at times, which is awesome.   If you read the lead singer and song writer’s story of how he came into music, it will make you appreciate it all that much more.

This song is my favorite: You Never Need Nobody

This one is good, too:  Bleeding Out

And the lyrics of this song remind me of my one and only:  Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold



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