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My father’s daughter

I love music (music lover, that’s a hat to wear proudly).  I like to think that I inherited my impeccable taste in music from both my mother and my father… though, throughout my twenties, my father and I forged a special bond around music.

Sometimes things get a little weird between fathers and daughters when daughters go to college–the once innocent little girl gets a drinking ticket her freshman year (officer, it wasn’t my fault…) or moves in with her boyfriend in a far away city.  When it got difficult to talk about the ways our relationship was changing, we latched onto our mutual appreciation of music.  Not just any music– but good music.  He and I generally have the same musical taste, and are both drawn to musicians that pair interesting composition with poignant, precise prose.  Example A: Please Come Home, by SHEL  (a video my dad shared with me, only a few hours ago).  Enjoy!

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